Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Instagram Auto Like Bot

For the people that do not like or find the script to be to complicated then I have found this as and alternative, this is an actual program that does all the liking for you on Instagram.

No longer working

Unzip the program to where ever you like, I just chucked mine on the desktop and now open up the folder. The first thing you will need to do is go into the hashes file and on each individual line write the hash tags you wish the program to search for and like

Now open up the instagrambot program and first thing maximize the program so it runs full screen, now in the top left enter your instagram login username and password and change the likes to 100 and wait to 300. We do this because if you like to many at once you will have your account suspended

Now go to controls and click on start and it should take you to the webstagram website and make you login with your instagram account. 

When I first used this bot it worked very well but after a while it became buggy, my solution if your having problems is this

Once started click login on webstagram
Wait for the program to fill in the login boxes and once done click login
Then click on feed and give it 2-3 minutes and it should now start searching and liking the hashes you have set up

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