Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Instagram Auto Follow Script

This is another Script for iMacro's but this one must be used with Firefox only, it will not work with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

 First off install the iMacro add on for Firefox (which if your reading this I am sure you already have)

 Download the script here

 Go to http://statigr.am and sign in with your Instagram account Click on popular page so it displays the most popular pictures
Find one with lots of likes and click the picture Once the picture has opened click the view all under the likes section and scroll to the bottom
On iMacros select the auto follow script and in the loop setting set a max of 200 (200 is maximum on the page) the play loop
This will now follow the 200 people that have liked this photo, this process can be used over and over again on all of the popular photos

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