Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pinterest Auto Follow iMacro

I have been doing some hard work with iMacro's recently as it is proving increasingly harder to actually get these to work and not get accounts banned

This new auto follow script for iMacro and Pinterest is absolutely spot on, it will follow 300 people per hour which is the absolute limit for Pinterest under its current settings (if your account get banned dont blame me :D )

Simply find someone with tons of followers on Pinterest and click there followers so it brings it up in a list, run the script on loop and watch the follows happen. Made for Chrome but tested working in Firefox

-> Click download link. List of the surveys will be shown.
-> Choose one of the surveys from the survey list.
-> Enter required information. 
-> Submit your information and you will have your download unlocked.
-> Your file will be saved to your computer.
-> That's it! Enjoy!