Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Downloads

Some of our downloads have been taken down by mediafire for the moment as the owner of Xgrambot which no longer works no more and they dont update has had them all taken down due to copyright, this is a shame for me as nothing we listed on this site was to do with Xgram bot and the files that have had taken down are all  iMacro scripts and custom bots

We will hopefully be getting things sorted within the next few days

Youtube like script for addmefast is back up

Pinterest Unfollow iMacro Script Is back up

Instagram bot Is back up

The bots have not been re-upped, 2 of the 3 have stopped working completely due to Instagram APi changes and the 3rd well it just does not have enough options and in my opinion  does not work as well as the 250 per hour iMacro Like script


  1. Any new IG bots that are working as of late bro?

    1. I know the scripts are still working and the one not we have I think is still working but it is not like the older bots. Instagram changed a lot of there rules which caused lots of bots to stop working, if we find one it will be here