Sunday, December 9, 2012

Free Instgram Bot

I have had lots of questions recently about people asking what the best bots are to use both free and paid, now in my eyes nothing comes close to Xgram if you are looking for the best paid bot which will cost you $97 and it does absolutely everything and this is not xgram bot

Now if you are looking for a free bot then this one is the best I have, it features targeted likes, targeted follows and targeted comments. It is easy to use and allows simple automation of comments, likes and follows and allows the use of multiple accounts

You will need two files

No Longer working

Once downloaded extract the bot and then run the program, it will ask you for a few things at first just leave them blank and press ok and you are ready to get some followers

The liking process still works for me on this bot although it can be a bit buggy sometimes, by far the best


  1. what is the password to download the file?? The link does not work!!

  2. Can you make a new link for the password file? It does not work.

  3. Updated the link, the previous one worked for me but have changed and refreshed it anyway, thanks for letting me know!